Select apartment homes will be available to artists at an affordable rent to support their live/work lifestyle.
Artist Income Qualifications:
The Arcade Artist Lofts participates in an affordable housing program. The household income is based on GROSS annual income (before any deductions) earned from all sources including: wages, social security payments, public assistance, pensions, annuities, interest income, dividends, stocks, bonds, insurance settlements, recurring gifts from family/friends, lottery winnings, etc. Third-party verification will be required of all income and copies of tax returns and pay stubs may be required.
Artist Qualifications:
At least one member of the household must demonstrate a commitment to the art form in order to qualify for residency. The creation of one’s work does NOT have to be the source of income for the individual or the family in order to qualify. To qualify as an artist you must meet with our selection committee; a group of artists who will review your:

  • Resumé, references and portfolio
  • History of your creative work
  • Long-term creative and career goals
  • Desire to engage in a creative community

Some examples of artists include:
FINE ARTISTS: Painting, drawing, sculpting, book art and print making
PEOPLE WHO CREATE IMAGINATIVE WORKS: Aesthetic literature, costume designers, photography, music composition and architecture
FUNCTIONAL & CRAFT ARTISTS: Jeweler, potter, chef, quilt maker, silk screener, carpet maker, furniture maker, and toy designer
PERFORMERS: Singers, musicians, dancers, actors and performance artists
MEDIA ARTISTS: Radio, film, television, multi-media, cyber-art, gaming and animation
DESIGN ARTISTS: Graphic and web design, interior design, aesthetic design, package design and set design
To maintain the integrity of the community, credit, criminal and rental background checks are conducted