April 9, 2015 admin

Downtown STL, Inc. is one of the oldest public / private partnerships in the region. It’s an important catalyst for the downtown region, providing support, vision, and resources to make downtown a more inviting and safer place to work and live. “We’ve moved from a business-focused entity to an organization focused on the holistic community with the goal of making downtown more livable and enjoyable,” said Doug Woodruff, Downtown STL executive director. “We work to advance our residential marketplace ­– especially new major initiatives like Arcade Apartments – and to foster a greater sense of community.”

St. Louis has an incredible collection of music, theatre, restaurants and shows that give downtown its dynamic feel. If you love sporting events, there’s no better place in the entire country. “Downtown hosts more sporting events than any one square mile in the United States,” said Woodruff. “Virtually year-round, you can go to a major sports event, from a Cards game to a Blues game to a Rams game to college games of all types. The ability to walk around and go to those events–whether you work or live here–is unique.”

Soon to join the downtown community is Arcade Apartments and its unique mix of market-rate and working artist apartments. In total, the $118 million renovation will add more than 500,000 square feet of occupied space to the downtown core. “The Arcade is going be a great mix of market rate homes and affordable homes available to artists in the creative community,” said Woodruff. “You blend that with Webster University taking a portion of the building and you have a unique structure in all of downtown. The Arcade is going to really add to the density of our downtown and that’s a very good thing. The people who live there are going to add to our restaurants, shops, and cultural events.”

Downtown STL is excited for the time later this year when the Arcade welcomes its new residents. “Arcade Apartments is going to have amenities unlike any other in the city,” said Woodruff. 

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