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Arcade Apartments offers a place for artists to live – and a space for them to express themselves – right in the heart of downtown St. Louis. All forms of art are fun, relieve stress in some way, and boost creativity. At Arcade Apartments, we appreciate artists and the art they create. Art has a lot of mental and physical benefits too, which is a huge reason why we included spaces for it in our community. If you are looking for a new hobby consider one of these forms of art. And consider Arcade Apartments for your next home!

Jam out in our soundproof music practice rooms

Improves your memory

Remembering all of the notes or chords of songs isn’t easy.

Teaches time management

You need to practice your instrument to get better. That means squeezing lessons or practice time into your busy schedule.

Promotes social skills

Some musicians like to perform in front of others at an open mic night or play with other musicians. Music encourages you to meet people and make friends with similar interests.

Helps with confidence

You can see yourself progress from learning a song to perfecting it. Getting better at your instrument gives you confidence in the ability to overcome a challenge.

Better coordination

Playing instrument requires coordination. As you improve at your instrument your coordination will improve too.

Experiment with your own music and lyrics

Music is a huge creative outlet. You can create your own melody, even your own lyrics.

Develop your skills in our photography studio

Photography is a fun hobby to have. I don’t mean taking selfies either!

Gets you out of the house

Photography encourages you to go out into the world and capture it. You’ll find yourself spending time outside capturing things around you like a weird tree or your neighbor’s cat.

Document memories

Photos let you relive the past. You can always remember the sunset on your vacation or your grandma’s birthday. Some people love photography’s ability to document events.

Express yourself

Every photographer has a different view. The same item could be photographed so many ways. It is this reason why photography can be so powerful.

Possible career

You can make potentially make photography into a career. Nothing is better than doing what you love for your job.

Helps you appreciate the little things

Many photographers say that taking photos has helped them notice and appreciate the little details in life. If you see things in a big picture or never stop to smell the roses, maybe you should give photography a try.

Perfect your brush strokes in our large paint studio


Painting is extremely therapeutic. You can paint out your emotions, goals, fears, or dreams. Whatever goes into your head, you can put in on a canvas. This is a very effective way of releasing your emotions.

Improves self esteem

Though an expert painter may say you might not have the best technique, you can’t really be a “bad painter”. Creating something from nothing is a fantastic exercise for your self esteem.

Enhances fine motor skills

Some brush strokes require small and precise movements. As you paint more, your hands will become steady and accurate.

Sculpt away stress in our flex studio with a pottery kiln

Better your fine motor skills

Pottery exercies your hands, wrists, and arms. It can be a mini-workout when you sculpt and work with clay.

Social skills

You take a pottery class and meet new people (Arcade doesn’t currently offer any). You can also give your creations to your friends and family.

Creative outlet

Just like the other activities listed above, pottery is a wonderful way to express yourself. This is another therapeutic process of making an item out of nothing.

Arcade Apartment residents have access to these spaces. If you are interested our apartments and studios, we would love to give you a personal tour. Arcade Apartments is located in downtown St. Louis and offers artist apartments and luxury apartments.

For more information about Arcade Apartments, call us at 855-542-4901.

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