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Have you ever tried yoga? If you haven’t, you should. Even if you can’t touch your toes or you haven’t worked out in a while, you are capable of doing yoga. That is one of the big reasons why the activity is so popular, is easy to start and fun to excel at. Besides being a good time, yoga is beneficial for the mind and body. After reading these pros, you’ll be running out and getting a yoga mat to pose.

#1 Improves your flexibility

Yoga moves require flexibility. You might not be able to do some moves during your first yoga class, but that is the beauty of yoga. Your flexibility and poses will improve over time.

#2 Makes you happier

Beat the winter blues with yoga. Yoga is a form of exercise. Exercise releases serotonin. Serotonin makes you feel good. You can get a runner’s high without having to run!

#3 Helps with posture

Yoga promotes proper posture and strengthens the muscles in charge of your posture.

#4 Improve balance

A major part of yoga is balance. You need to have a good balance to pull off a lot of the poses. Yoga builds up these muscles, which improves your balance.

#5 Prevents joint problems

Yoga extends your joints, which allows them to get nutrients. It is also easy on your joints. Movements are slow and controlled.

#6 Promotes a healthy lifestyle

You will find yourself balancing not only your body, but your life! The mental and spiritual part of yoga provide the tools for making healthier decisions. You also burn about 200 calories in one hour of yoga.

#7 Good for your spine

Yoga makes you stretch out your spine. This allows your spine to get nutrients and oxygen.

#8 Increases self esteem

Exercise, drinking water, and eating right will have you feeling better about yourself. Yoga isn’t a competitive activity at all. This allows you to grow confident in your body and its abilities.

#9 Helps you focus

Yoga teaches you to control your thoughts. It is a calming activity, with soft music or silence. This helps you slow down and focus on the present (your poses and/or breathing).

#10 Better bone health

Weight lifting improves bone strength. You have to shift your weight and hold different parts of your body up in yoga.

#11 Improves blood flow

Yoga poses improve circulation by making you twist and stretch your muscles. This stretching and activity promotes better blood flow.

#12 Prevents digestive issues

A lot of digestive issues can be caused or worsened by stress. Yoga will naturally destress your body and promote regularity.

#13 Helps you sleep

Yoga reduces stress and is a form of exercise. Those two factors together can lead to a better night’s sleep.

#14 Builds muscle strength.

This may seem like an obvious benefit, but it is a huge one nonetheless. Having strong muscles is an important part of your health, especially for women.

#15 Boosts your immune system

All of the benefits above will help your body’s immune system flourish. Your body will be stronger, healthier, and ready to fight off the next bug that is going around.

Try something new and sign up for a yoga class near you! Your body and mind will thank you.

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