Dominium is a well-known operator and developer of multi-family rental properties with a 40-year solid reputation for innovative, creative approaches to development projects. Dominium has vast experience and proven success with historic rehabs.
LEATHER TRADES ARTIST LOFTS was Dominium's first artist lofts historic rehab. The community offers St. Louis affordable lofts designed for working artists in the St. Louis warehouse district. This development was followed by the METROPOLITAN ARTIST LOFTS located in the Grand Center neighborhood of St. Louis. Dominium recently renovated the historic landmark Schmidt Brewery in Saint Paul, MN and opened SCHMIDT ARTIST LOFTS. A-MILL ARTIST LOFTS located in Minneapolis, MN is Dominium's most recent artist development currently under construction and is scheduled to open December 2014 and July 2015. While preserving and renovating historic structures, Dominium's historic redevelopments focus on meeting the unique needs of artists while creating a comfortable and collaborative environment.
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